Mr. Williams Tattoo Co.

_____________________________________ New Online Shop - Mr. Williams Tattoo Co. -
Orlando Location! 1012 N Mills Ave.
Brent Williams Owner & Operator... can be seen tattooing at the Orlando, & Tavares Fl locations. Jay Lewis - Tattoo Artist at the Orlando Location Tavares, Location crew(Chad Santo,Kent Marvel & Jesse Robinette - all found on FB) Piercers - Clint Murphy(master piercer) & Huey Askins _____________________________________ Mr. Williams Tattoo Co., not only has great tattooists, but has a large selection of reasonably priced body jewelry and amazing piercers with amazing piercing prices! Some Piercings start at $10(includes the jewelry - Lake County Only) & jewelry starting at $3!
_____________________________________ Brent Williams also owns Twisted Heart, Inc. in Hollywood, Fl which is run by some bad ass tattooists.
Tony found on FB
_____________________________________ This tumblr will have tattoo images done by Brent Williams, Dan Abner, Chad Santo, Jay Lewis & random piercings by our piercers, specials & jewelry we sell. _____________________________________ Questions are always welcome!

Ren and Stimpy Characters - full leg sleeve in progress!  

Tattoos by Brent Williams

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